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The Harlequin Troupe is a whirlwind of graceful yet deadly performers, striking fear into their enemies with their lethal dances and mesmerizing masks. These highly skilled and versatile warriors bring a touch of enigmatic artistry to the battlefield, leaving their foes bewildered and defeated.
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Prepare to witness the grace and lethality of the Harlequin Troupes on the battlefield. With lightning-fast movements and deadly skills, these warriors strike fear into the hearts of their enemies before they even have a chance to react. Once in combat, they perform a deadly dance of death, their masks shimmering with the worst fears of their foes.

This box contains everything you need to assemble a 6-man Harlequin Troupe, complete with swords and shuriken pistols. You even have the option to include a Troupe Master to lead the charge. The miniatures are perched on outcrops of rock, adding to their dynamic appearance.

You’ll have plenty of customization options with 7 different torso fronts, 5 torso backs, and 3 extra backs sporting Harlequin jackets. Each miniature comes with its own set of weapons, including 6 swords of two distinct designs, 6 shuriken pistols, 6 harlequin’s kisses, 2 harlequin’s embraces, 2 harlequin’s caresses, 2 neuro disruptors, and 2 fusion pistols.

Want to upgrade your Troupe Master? There’s even a power sword included.

Whether you’re a fan of the Harlequin Troupes or just looking for a powerful addition to your army, this box set is a must-have.

What’s in the Harlequin Troupe box set?

  • x80 plastic components with which to make a 6-man Harlequin Troupe.
  • x6 Citadel 25mm round bases.
  • x1 Harlequins transfer sheet.

How to paint the Harlequin Troupe set

  1. Step 1: Basecoat the Troupe
    Start by basecoating the Harlequin Troupe with a dark color like Abaddon Black or Chaos Black. Apply thin layers of paint to maintain the details.
  2. Step 2: Add the Base Colors
    Paint the distinct areas of the models with bright colors. For example, use Mephiston Red for the masks, Yriel Yellow for the diamond patterns, and Caliban Green for the cloaks. Be patient and apply multiple thin coats for smooth coverage.
  3. Step 3: Highlight the Colors
    Add highlights to the base colors to make them pop. Use a lighter shade of the same color or a contrasting color to create depth. For instance, highlight the red masks with Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  4. Step 4: Paint the Details
    Focus on the intricate details like the patterns on the cloaks and the designs on the masks. Use a fine detail brush and steady hands to bring out these features. For the diamond patterns, use a light color like White Scar to paint small lines and dots.
  5. Step 5: Emphasize the Masks
    The masks are a key element of the Harlequin’s look. Use contrasting colors to emphasize the facial features. For example, paint the eyes and mouth with bright colors like Averland Sunset or Wild Rider Red.
  6. Step 6: Fine Lines and Edges
    Add fine lines and edges to the models to enhance their appearance. Use a dark color like Abaddon Black or Mechanicus Standard Grey to define the borders between different areas.
  7. Step 7: Add Metallics
    Paint any metallic areas on the models, such as weapons or accessories, with metallic paints like Leadbelcher or Iron Warriors. Add highlights to make them shine.
  8. Step 8: Base the Models
    Base the Harlequin Troupe models to complete the look. Use texture paint, sand, or other scenic elements to create a suitable base for the performers. Paint the base rims with a color that complements the overall scheme.
  9. Step 9: Varnish for Protection
    Finally, apply a matte or gloss varnish to protect the paintwork and give the models a finished look. Matte varnish is typically preferred, but gloss varnish can be used for certain effects.

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