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The Stormsword is not merely a tank; it's a devastating force of nature designed to obliterate enemy strongholds and clear the path for your forces. Imagine a weapon that can turn enemy-held choke points into nothing more than shattered remnants of cover. This colossal multipart plastic kit assembles into the awe-inspiring super heavy Stormsword, a true behemoth that stands at the forefront of your armored might.
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At its core, the Stormsword boasts a siege cannon that unleashes destruction with every shell fired. These shells detonate with a concentrated concussive wave, transforming barricades and battlements into chaos. The resulting slivers of debris become the bane of your adversaries, as they’re torn apart by the relentless storm of destruction. When you deploy the Stormsword, you’re not just entering the battlefield; you’re announcing your presence with thunderous authority.

The Stormsword comes armed to the teeth, ready to deliver devastation where it’s needed most. Its primary weapon, the stormsword siege cannon, is mounted on the turret, and it’s the harbinger of destruction. Additionally, the tank features 2 lascannons on side turrets, twin heavy bolters on a forward hull turret, and 2 twin heavy flamers in sponson mounts. The sheer firepower at your disposal is staggering, ensuring that your enemies will tremble in the face of this mechanical Astra Militarum titan.

This kit offers more than just raw firepower; it’s a canvas for your creativity. You’ll discover a multitude of cosmetic options, allowing you to personalize your Stormsword to suit your vision. Add extra stowage, fortify the treads with additional armor plating, or attach tow hooks and fuel tanks for that authentic war-machine look. Dive into the details even further with options for gunners and tank commanders in the hatches, including a choice of different heads. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The Leftover Bounty: As you assemble your Stormsword, you’ll find yourself with extra plastic pieces that can be a treasure trove for your bits box. These bonus components can be invaluable for customizing other models in your collection, giving you even more versatility as a hobbyist.

This massive kit can alternatively build a variety of other super-heavy tanks:

  • Baneblade – armed with a baneblade cannon for maximum versatility
  • Banesword – armed with a quake cannon to punish vehicles and fortifications at extreme range
  • Shadowsword– armed with a tank-slagging volcano cannon
  • Doomhammer – armed with a titan-slaying magma cannon and troop-carrying capacity
  • Banehammer – armed with a tremor cannon to slow down an aggressive opponent
  • Stormlord – armed with a vulcan mega-bolter and large troop-carrying capacity
  • Hellhammer – armed with a hellhammer cannon for close-quarters warfare

Stormsword Datasheets

What’s in the Stormsword box

  • x381 plastic components to make this impressive tank.
  • x1 Baneblade Transfer Sheet with 253 transfers.

How to paint the Stormsword Set

  1. Step 1: Embrace the Darkness
    Begin your journey into the realm of painting with the mighty Stormsword by priming it to perfection. Use Chaos Black spray to create a solid foundation for your masterpiece. It’s essential to ensure that the paint adheres flawlessly to the model. Apply the primer evenly across the entire tank and patiently allow it to dry completely before moving forward.
  2. Step 2: Crafting the Camouflage
    Now, let’s grant your Stormsword its unique and fearsome appearance. Start by painting the armor with Caliban Green, setting the stage for the formidable camouflage pattern. Apply the color with precision, ensuring a smooth and uniform coverage.
    To bring the camouflage to life, wield Zandri Dust on specific sections of the armor. Picture where you want the camouflage to appear and let your brush create irregular shapes or stripes. This artistic touch will imbue your Stormsword with a distinct identity that strikes fear into your foes.
  3. Step 3: Adding Depth
    To infuse depth and dimension into the armor, it’s time to introduce Agrax Earthshade as the shade of choice. Concentrate on the recesses and areas where shadows naturally gather. The Earthshade not only enhances the intricate details but also bestows a weathered and battle-hardened aura upon your tank. Be patient as you allow this shade to dry thoroughly; it’s a critical step. Nuln Oil is a solid option too, or you can simply use both.
  4. Step 4: Elevating the Colors
    With the foundation laid, it’s time to elevate the colors to their full potential. For the Caliban Green portions, accentuate them with Straken Green or Warboss Green. Focus your brush on raised surfaces and edges, creating highlights that make the armor truly stand out. Simultaneously, for the Zandri Dust sections, add depth by layering them with Ushabti Bone. This meticulous process ensures your Stormsword will command attention on the battlefield.
  5. Step 5: Metal Majesty
    A tank’s metallic components, including barrels, antennas, and tracks, deserve special attention. Embark on this part of your journey by using Leadbelcher to provide them with a sturdy metallic base. Make certain your application is even and comprehensive.
    To make these metallic parts truly shine, layer them with Stormhost Silver. Pay close attention to the edges and raised details, imparting a polished and authentic finish that lends realism to these crucial elements.
  6. Step 6: Details That Define
    Now, let your creativity surge as you add unique details that set your Stormsword apart. You have the liberty to choose how your model tells its story. For instance, consider Stirland Mud to recreate the muddy tracks, infusing your tank with an authentic touch of battlefield realism. You can also add rust effects with Typhus Corrosion, focusing on the armor parts.
  7. Step 7: Preserving the Masterpiece
    To safeguard your painstakingly crafted Stormsword and bestow it with a professional finish, reach for the Munitorum varnish. This critical step guarantees the longevity and durability of your artistry while preserving every intricate detail and texture on the model.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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