Citadel Colour

Citadel Colour: Parade Ready Paint Set

Citadel Colour- Parade Ready Paint Set Bundle

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Save money and achieve a Parade Ready standard for your armies with 30 pots of Citadel Colour paints offering a variety of Layer paints.
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Citadel Colour: Parade Ready Paint Set Paint Review

If you’re a beginner painter looking for a comprehensive set of colours to elevate your miniature painting game, then the Citadel Colour Layer Paint Bundle is a great place to start.

With 30 different pots of paint to choose from, you’ll have access to a wide range of hues and tones, allowing you to experiment with exciting new colour schemes. This collection has been handpicked by painting experts, so you can trust that you’re getting the best possible selection of colours for your miniatures.

What’s great about this set is that it perfectly complements the Battle Ready Paint Set, so you can create a cohesive collection of painted miniatures. You’ll have everything you need to highlight your Battle Ready figures and take them to the next level of detail and finish.

Plus, with so many colours to choose from, you can easily transition your miniatures from Battle Ready to Parade Ready, making them stand out on your gaming table.

What’s in the Citadel Colour: Parade Ready Paint Set ?

This bundle includes the following 30 pots of paint:

  1. x1 Liberator Gold
  2. x1 Stormhost Silver
  3. x1 Wazdakka Red
  4. x1 Evil Sunz Scarlet
  5. x1 Tuskgor Fur
  6. x1 Doombull Brown
  7. x1 Deathclaw Brown
  8. x1 Skrag Brown
  9. x1 Ushabti Bone
  10. x1 Screaming Skull
  11. x1 Cadian Fleshtone
  12. x1 Kislev Flesh
  13. x1 Flayed One Flesh
  14. x1 Pallid Wych Flesh
  15. x1 Straken Green
  16. x1 Warboss Green
  17. x1 Nurgling Green
  18. x1 Warpstone Glow
  19. x1 Moot Green
  20. x1 Ahriman Blue
  21. x1 Altdorf Guard Blue
  22. x1 Calgar Blue
  23. x1 Fenrisian Grey
  24. x1 Russ Grey
  25. x1 Dawnstone
  26. x1 Administratum Grey
  27. x1 Flash Gitz Yellow
  28. x1 Yriel Yellow
  29. x1 Xereus Purple
  30. x1 Genestealer Purple

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